Fine Music Breakfast will give your day a good start with an excellent selection of fine classical music.

You can add the delight of listening to our Breakfast presenters interviewing studio guests about their careers, musical interests, and current productions. The Listen Anytime links below will play from the interview, and you can then listen to the whole of each Fine Music Breakfast program.

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Jack Symonds (6 June)

Garrick Ohlsson (1 June)

Ben Adler (30 May)

Daniel Yeadon (25 May)

Anton Berezin (23 May)

Raffaele Marcellino (19 May)

Ralph Devlin (17 May)

Maija Kovalevska (16 May)

Steven Hillinger & Daniel Rojas (9 May)

Erin Helyard (4 May)

Georgina Hobson (2 May)

Casey Green (27 Apr)

Paco Lara (25 Apr)

Jack Liebeck (20 Apr)

Maria Lindsay (18 Apr)

Vladimir Fanshil (11 Apr)

Andrew O’Connor (5 Apr)

Piers Lane (29 Mar)

Fabian Russell (28 Mar)

Gerard Willems (23 Mar)

Toby Thatcher (21 Mar)

Madeleine Easton (16 Mar)

Anna Fraser & Thomas Wilson (14 Mar)

Matthew Manchester (10 Mar)

Iain Henderson (9 Mar)

Kathryn Selby (7 Mar)

Peter Rutherford (28th Feb)

Lachlan Massey (24th Feb)

Brett Weymark (23rd Feb)

Vladimir Gorbach (21st Feb)

Karin Schaupp (16th Feb)

Sarah Penicka-Smith (14th Feb)

Clifford Plumpton (2nd Feb)

Rami Khalifé (31st Jan)

Charlie Chan (26th Jan)

Margaret Brandman (24th Jan)

Rachel Scott (19th Jan)

Esther Song (12th Jan)

Celeste Lazarenko (22nd Dec)


Rachael Beck (15th Dec)

Rebecca Gulinello (8th Dec)

Thomas Wilson (6th Dec)

Morgan Pearse (1st Dec)

Roger Woodward (29th Nov)

Ben Adler (25th Nov)

Peter Coleman-Wright AO (24th Nov)

Stephanie McCallum (22nd Nov)

Sarah-Grace Williams (17th Nov)

Sam Allchurch (10th Nov)

Madeleine Easton (8th Nov)

Guy Noble (4th Nov)

Paulina Quinteros and Wesley Stormer (3rd Nov)

Christopher Bowen and Pamela Traynor (1st Nov)

Andrew Haveron (27th Oct)

Georgia Lowe (25th Oct)

Eleanor Betts (20th Oct)

Joshua Han (Young Virtuoso Award recipient – 13th Oct)

Paul Kildea (12th Oct)

Roger Benedict and Simon Tedeschi (4th Oct)

Graham Pushee (29th Sep)

Werner Ruecker (27th Sep)

Steven Hillinger (20th Sep)

Antony Pitts (14th Sep)

Eric Whitacre (13th Sep)

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