Behind the great music are great musicians. Each week, we have several programs that bring you conversations with studio guests, from the classical genre and from the world of jazz. Our dedicated conversation programs are In Conversation and A Jazz Hour, with frequent interviews on FineMusic Breakfast. Scroll down to see some of our recent conversations.

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with Simon Moore
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Jazz In Conversation
with Barry O’Sullivan

Recent Conversations

Fine Music BreakfastIn ConversationFine Music AfternoonsA Jazz Hour
Tue 25th

Georgia Lowe
Wed 26th

David Malouf
Thu 27th

Andrew Haveron
Fri 28th

Dan Tepfer
Fine Music BreakfastIn ConversationFine Music BreakfastA Jazz Hour
Wed 19th

Alexander Gadjiev
Thu 20th

Eleanor Betts
Fri 21st

Chris Cody
Wed 12th

Paul Kildea
Wed 12th

Geraldine Turner
Thur 13th

Joshua Han
Fri 14th
Lee McIver
Lee McIver
Tues 4th

Roger Benedict
Wed 5th

Cheryl Barker
Tues 27th

Werner Ruecker
Wed 28th

Avi Avital
Thu 29th

Graham Pushee
Fri 30th

Dan Barnett
Tue 20th

Steven Hillinger
Wed 21st

Charmian Gadd
Fri 23rd

Emma Pask
Wed 3rd

Jack Liebeck
Fri 5th

Laurence Pike
Wed 27th

Simon Bourke
Wed 28th

Maria Lindsay
Wed 29th

Barry Diester
Wed 20th

Hayden Tee
Thu 21st

Andrew Bain
Fri 22nd

Kate Wadey
Wed 13th

Simon Tedeschi
Thu 14th

Australian Youth Orchestra
Fri 15th

Andrew Robertson
Wed 6th

William Barton
Thu 7th

Warwick Doddrell
Fri 8th

Justine Bradley
Tue 28th

Gerard Willems
Wed 29th

Leah Crocetto
Fri 30th

Julie Lea Goodwin
Fri 1st

Jonathan Zwartz
Tue 21st

Paul Terracini
Wed 22nd

Philippe Klaus
Thu 23rd

Josh Piterman
Fri 24th

Michael Galeazzi
Tue 14th

Sydney Cello Quartet
Wed 15th

Timo-Veikko Valve
Fri 17th

Paul Grabowsky
Tue 7th

Vov Dylan
Wed 8th

David Rowden
Fri 10th

Tom Avgenicos
Tue 31st

Kathryn Selby
Wed 1st

James Back
Fri 3rd

Emma Stephenson
Wed 25th

Harry Bennetts
Wed 25th

Julia Fredersdorff
Fri 27th

Steve Fitzmaurice

Anne Wood
Thur 19th

Brett Weymark
Fri 20th

Ryan Grogan
Wed 11th

Anna Byrne
Thur 12th

Giuseppe Zangari
Fri 13th

Lachy Hamilton
Wed 4th

Leah Purcell
Thu 5th

Simon Tedeschi
Fri 6th

Kate Wadey
Tues 26th

Andrew Wilson
Wed 27th

Francesca Hiew
Fri 29th

Julian Curwin
Tues 19th

Teije Hylkema
Wed 20th

Sky McIntosh
Thu 21st

Guy Simpson
Tues 12th

Matthew Wilke
Wed 13th

Dene Olding
Wed 13th

Benjamin Krapton
Fri 15th

Barry Diester
Tues 5th

Fabian Russell
Wed 6th

John Bell
Thu 7th

Brendan Joyce
Fri 8th

Jeremy Sawkins
Tues 22nd

Frances Madden
Wed 23rd

Leaonard Weiss
Thu 24th

Vatche Jambazian
Fri 25th

Matthew Ottignon
Tue 15th, 8:00am

Katthy Selby
Wed 16th, 1:00pm

Callum Francis
Thu 17th, 8:00am

James Back
Fri 18th, midday

Steve Barry
Tue 8th, 8:00am

Susannah Lawergren
Wed 9th, 1:00pm

Emily Granger
Fri 11th, midday

Emily-Rose Sarkova
Tue 1st, 8:00am

Bernadette Harvey
Wed 2nd, 1:00pm

Con Costi
Thu 3rd, 8:00am

Chloe Lankshear
Fri 4th, midday

Justine Bradley
Tue 22nd, 7:00am

Tipi Valve
Wed 23rd, 1:00pm

Amber McMahon
Thu 24th, 8:00am

Kristian Winther
Fri 25th, midday

Jonathan Zwartz
Tue 15th, 8:05am

Luke Spicer
Wed 16th, 1:00pm

Vladimir Fanshil
Thu 17th, 8:00am

Dale Bartrop
Fri 18th, midday

Zela Margossian
Tue 8th, 8:05am

Lachlan Massey
Wed 9th, 1:00pm

Jeanell Carrigan
Fri 11th, 8:00am

Madeleine Easton
Fri 11th, midday

Casey Golden