Dom Parker is a musician, composer and audio engineer from Sydney Australia. She has completed a Bachelor of Music from UNSW, majoring in creative practice on the double bass, and an Advanced diploma of music production from Abbey Road Institute as a recipient of the scholarship for creative excellency. Dom has represented Australia on tours to Japan, America, Thailand and London. She has studied under Abel Cross, Sandy Evans, Alistair Spence, Brendan Clarke and Karl Dunnicliff. She was nominated for the Jann Rutherford Memorial Award in 2019.

As an audio engineer, she has interned at Studios 301 under Jack Garzonio, assisting on sessions and productions. Dom records string ensembles and jazz ensembles. She has been the lead engineer for bands such as Red Revel and Spectra Jazz Orchestra, as well as assisted on recordings for Torque For Now, Touch Sensitive, Delos and Melbourne Chamber Orchestra. Dom is also an accessible format producer for vision Australia, and works with musicians who are blind and or vision impaired.