Friday 18 November at 2pm … in Mendelssohn, The Voice And The Orchestra, programmer Elaine Siversen pairs the composer’s youthful Double concerto in D minor with his Symphony no 2, Hymn of praise. This was the last composed of his five symphonies, inspired by Beethoven’s Choral Symphony, and written for the celebration in 1840 of the invention of printing from movable type.

Saturday 19 November at 6pm … in Stage And Screen, programmer Angela Cockburn suggests that life — and love, especially between different social classes — is not so easy, with excepts from Ivor Novello’s The dancing years, Leonard Bernstein’s Candide, and Noel Coward’s Bitter sweet.

Sunday 20 November at 3pm … in Sunday Special: Celebrating Noel Mewton-Wood, programmer Derek Parker chooses a number of performances by an Australian pianist who died in tragic circumstances at the age of 31. Included are Tchaikovsky’s Piano concerto no 2, and Arthur Bliss’s Piano sonata, which he confessed was “bloody difficult”.

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