Friday 4 November at 8pm … In Evenings With The Orchestra, programmer Robert Small’s choices all have an Italian connection. Berlioz’ ‘Roman carnival’ Overture, Tchaikovsky’s Violin concerto and Mendelssohn’s Symphony no 4 are joined by Walton’s Cello concerto, which has been described as being “like a bottle of vintage wine from the composer’s home on the Italian island of Ischia”.

Saturday 5 November at 10am … in Centres Of Music, programmer Elaine Siversen focuses on Monteverdi’s Venice. As well as Monteverdi himself, she has selected works by Francesco Cavalli, father of the bel canto style, and the most performed opera composer of his generation, and Biagio Marini, perhaps the first professional violin virtuoso and a composer of great skill and harmonic daring.

Sunday 6 November at 9am … in Musica Sacra, programmer Stephen Matthews’ major work is Zelenka’s Missa sanctae Caeciliae, the first work he composed for the Dresden court. Zelenka has been called variously the “Czech Bach” or the “Catholic Bach”, and this glorious mass exemplifies his mastery.

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