2MBS Fine Music Sydney has a goal of focussing on young musicians and composers. This is expressed through our awards and scholarships, our special program Class Act featuring the music of high schools, and our jazz program Emergent Jazz. We have opened our doors to Year 10 work-experience students, to get a flavour of life in a radio station, the work of collecting and collating music for broadcast, program selection, presentation script writing, and presentation skills. 

This Saturday’s Emergent Jazz is curated and presented our first group of work experience students for 2022, from the Conservatorium High School. All classical musicians, they were challenged to find their instruments within the jazz idiom; a violinist, a violist and a cellist. And what a delight. Hear it in their voices. New skills; new discoveries; new experiences.

 Join them on Saturday at 7pm, for a special edition of Emergent Jazz.

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