One of our goals here at 2MBS Fine Music Sydney is to promote young Australian musicians. On campus, they are trained to be exceptional performers. Breaking into the world of music and establishing themselves in the industry as they come off campus is notoriously difficult.

We have established a new broadcast series, recording young musicians live in our Founders Studio. Named As It Happened, these are studio recordings; no overdubbing or retakes; minimal post-production; as it happened.

This week on Emergent Jazz on Saturday at 7pm, Keith Pettigrew will bring you jazz songstress Leah Berry, with her quartet. They are all still on The Con campus, but getting out and about performing around Sydney. Leah has been performing since she was 15 and has featured in the annual Schools Spectacular celebration of extraordinary music from our State high schools.

Playing with her in this recording session is guitarist Yannick Koffi, double bassist Nick Jansen, and drummer George Greenhill. They play a number of standards, along with some superb scatting and vocalising by Leah. Listen in, be entertained and delighted. This is a voice of our jazz future. 

Listen Live on Emergent Jazz on Saturday 15th at 7:00pm. Listen Anytime on Emergent Jazz