Hamed Sadeghi
4.5 stars
Reviewed by Barry O’Sullivan

The Empty Voices ensemble, led by Hamed Sadeghi, is a unique fusion of Persian classical music with Western contemporary music. Its fourth album, featuring a septet of four horns, a percussion set, and a double bass, showcases the original and unusual sounds that have been evolving since its debut at the Sydney Festival in 2023.

The musicians perform impressively, conveying a range of emotions through both precision and free improvisation. Sadeghi’s composing and playing hold together the simplistic yet dazzlingly conceived melodic music. The album’s standout tracks, Suf and Mother Tongue, are co-arranged by Sadeghi and Michael Avgenicos. Suf creates a gentle and relaxing musical landscape with the perfect blend of tar, bass clarinet, and percussion. On Mother Tongue, Sandy Evan’s soprano saxophone solo demonstrates her skillful dabble around the edges of tradition. Sadeghi’s tar playing intuitively guides the improvised moments throughout the album, resulting in his best album to date. Overall, a very rewarding listening experience.

Empty Voices is available now for purchase online! Hamed Sadeghi also spoke on-air with Barry O’Sullivan on A Jazz Hour on 14 June 2024. Listen anytime on-demand by clicking below.