Back Tulip Trio
4 stars
Reviewed by Barry O’Sullivan

The arrival of a new trio recording such as this often evokes the feeling of greeting an old friend. The familiar reward of plenty of melody and harmony (hugs and kisses) is most welcome. It is explored with a further depth of listening (deep conversation) and its roots are revealed, encompassing both classical and jazz traditions, that sit comfortably with the musical sensibilities of the three musicians. Through-composed elements are minimal, but so intuitive are the trio’s dialogues from an eight-year history of performing together, that even when locked into melodic and rhythmic vamps, a sense of adventure still prevails. Pianist Casper Tromp describes his sound as brimming with classically inspired pieces with energetic solos and themes. He achieves this admirably, aided by Maximilian Aludca (double bass) and Cameron Reid (drums). On my favourite track, Waves, gentle chords unfurl into soulful rhythms, providing a platform for the trio to improvise and interact before unfolding an attractive melody. Tromp delves into a space of quiet beauty with the pace accelerating halfway, offering hope and grace while utilising Alduca’s bass underpinnings, and Reid’s light touch on drums that comes to the fore. This trio’s soundscapes explore far and wide and it is hard to beat this glorious musical journey filled with reflection, melancholy and outpouring of romance.