Tyler Cooney
4 stars

Reviewed by Barry O’Sullivan

Tyler Cooney’s second release generally follows the template set down in his previous recording Eastern River but this time ably supported on several tracks by the rhythm section of Nick Quigley on double bass and Tim Firth on drums. Overall, the group’s sound is warm and lush. On guitar, Cooney’s tone is a beautiful thing echoing the tones of his early guitar heroes but with his distinctive voice. Cooney is the prolific composer of the nine tracks, all of which are strong and fit well together with the material, staying comfortably within the mainstream jazz catalogue. The trio plays with a joyful abandon that one wishes there was more of in jazz these days, harking back to the days of Wes Montgomery and Charlie Christian, when it was played for pure entertainment. But don’t be misled! Modern Ideal has its place in today’s jazz scene and its future. Cooney’s guitar work is the key ingredient here with his tone, touch, and groove on electric and acoustic just right. He has a unique way of exploring a melody, offering us a part of himself through his music. Stand-out tracks Hip Replacement Blues, Wood Glue, and Villa Villain offer a glimpse into his musical personality, giving the listener the impression that Cooney has chosen these tracks just for you.