with guest Robert Vincs
5 stars
Reviewed by Barry O’Sullivan

This excitingly cool trio has delivered a recording that embraces and experiments with a plethora of instrument sounds, samples, textures, and grooves in a pleasingly unhurried way. The album simply couldn’t have been made by a trio that hadn’t put the hours in, done the hard yards, and dedicated themselves collectively to their cause. Listening to the utter conviction on this recording you get a distinct feeling that these guys would be making this amazing music even if nobody was listening. Each of the six movements segues into the next further enhancing the swirling and dreamy soundscapes, from which burst sections of varied styles and grooves, are all delivered with unquestionable brilliance and musicality. Some movements are long, giving you time to become fully immersed and some are shorter, but essentially it is one long track of a performance recorded live and divided into appropriate numerical sections to accommodate the streaming algorithm that rejects a release of one track. Lee McIver’s trumpet is atmospheric and full of emotion and soul, and Ed Rodrigues’s drumming is punchy yet relaxed reaching stratospheric heights of dazzling improvisation which seals his reputation as one of the finest. Ed Goyer’s vibe playing and percussion wash and burst forth intriguingly over the soundscape with an unquestionable skill. Who else but the Polymorphic Orkestra has this dedication to the art of sound? With an enormous amount of individuality on display emanating from the Avant Guarde and with the added asset of guest artist Robert Vincs on saxello, each provides the glue that binds it all together, forming a unique voice delivered with brilliance and musicality.