Michael Kieran Harvey

Move MD 3470

Shichiseki highlights two of Michael Kieran Harvey’s manifold talents: those of pianist (he was the first Australian to win a major international piano competition), and of tireless promoter of his compatriots’ compositions. Collaborating with Move Records, Harvey has been releasing music under the banner of the Michael Kieran Harvey Collection for the last quarter century. This edition brings together previously unreleased recordings from 2008 through to 2020, notable for their rhythmic variety and energy. Mark Pollard’s Beating the rusty nail takes inspiration from the patterns Shichiseki Michael Kieran Harvey Move MD 3470 of the range of Japanese percussion instruments known as Taiko; Andrian Pertout’s Rishis and Saints is influenced by the rhythms of South Indian Carnatic classical music. Lest this appear forbiddingly complex and cerebral, it sounds much more organic: I am reminded of a quote from Paul Simon’s Graceland, “falling, flying or tumbling in turmoil” – but never quite out of control. Other compositions include a movement from Kanako Okamoto’s Shichiseki, referencing the Japanese Star Festival, and a substantial and rewarding Piano Sonata from 2020 by young Sydney composer Gabriella Vici.

– Paul Cooke