Jeremy Sawkins
5 stars
Reviewed by Barry O’Sullivan

Jeremy Sawkins’ fifth release as a leader has delivered an album that doesn’t require too much analysis. Being a solo project on nylon-string guitar, it features some beautiful melodies and chords in counterpoint, very minimal improvisation, and a lot of space to create a very pleasing musical ambiance. The album contains several tributes to The Great American Songbook, two outstanding original compositions, Drift and Dom’s Norfolk, plus Naima, a jazz classic by John Coltrane. Capturing a melodic style, the adept guitarist takes us on a sonic journey with his inventive rubato approach to the music, forging an identity all his own. At times the results are purely magical. His shimmering interpretation of the old warhorse tune, The Sound of Music, almost brings a tear to the eye, and his flawless deliverance of the Henri Mancini composition, Moon River, is perfectly constructed for the 3.00 am sleep war to be won. This is a personal, intimate, and deeply touching solo guitar recording that activates the listeners’ imagination. It also stimulates with a soft, quiet, and fragile sonic satisfaction, ultimately providing the abundance of musical pleasure. Highly recommended.