Gregg Arthur in Concert
The Great American Songbook Juniper Jazz

On his newest recording, the Sydney-based vocalist offers an appealing selection from The Great American Songbook in his inimitable style, accompanied by some of this city’s best musicians. Although it’s impossible to avoid the tried, true and over-recorded in an album with this title, Arthur utilises his subtle vocal and live performance skills with taste and maturity, proving that he can cover just about anything across this expansive spectrum with flair. The inclusion of his composition with Casper Tromp, You with Me, with a fine solo from the guitarist Jim Pennell, is a bonus. My Romance (Rodgers/Hart) is covered swayingly, and features the saxophone playing of Craig Walters. Great kudos should be given to all the other musicians featured – Peter Locke (piano), Craig Scott (double bass), and Andrew Dickson (drums) – and the producer and recording engineer Michael Bainbridge for his superior effort in the recording of a live album in the testing environment of a jazz club. The album concludes with another highlight track, a true-to-form version of the ballad More Than You Know (Youmans, Rose & Eliscu), finding the vocalist in his comfort zone. Overall, Gregg Arthur delivers an engaging effort from a fine artist of the genre with his collaborators, whose talents shine throughout, with no ‘fake makes’ happening here.

Barry O’Sullivan