Contemporary music from midnight to 3am, Tuesdays to Fridays, covering: Alternative, Groove, Reggae, Americana, Eclectic, Psychedelic and plenty of Prog.

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Dread JunctionPresenting Australia’s hottest 2-hour reggae show every fortnight. A strictly Roots & Culture selection of the best new & old, featuring exclusive rare cuts and tunes from the early 60’s through to sounds of the now!Prince Vince
Groovesvilleat 25 o’clockRay Levis
Limitless And FreeTravelling down the sidestreams and tributaries of the mainstream; exploring how all musical styles influence each otherPhilip Bridges
The Lost HighwayAre you ready for the country? Journey the road less travelled down the backroads and byways of country music on The Lost Highway.Austin Harrison
Mutable CaratAn aural hall of mirrors weaving through the gamut of what could be called ‘music’Nick Dan
Oasis Of InsomniaDJ Doltana mixes a fusion of Electronic Dream pop, movie themes, and hybrid orchestral music layered with psychedelic sound effects to create intriguing, elaborate soundscapesDJ Doltana
Signal CrunchA sonic astringent for the hard-to-pleaseGlenn Winfield
The Eclectic ChairA grab bag of sounds and styles. Music for daily activitiesLiam Collins
The Pounding SystemInvestigating the biological significance of those strange sounds echoing in your head. Clay Caplice
Whompt OutRanging through studies of roots music, hot spot recording locations and their most noted exponents, to broad assemblages of tunes, both fun and funky, that fit a suitably vague themeDavid Benham
RECENTLY ARCHIVED PROGRAMS (no longer being broadcast)
A Crack in the SkyA Crack In The Sky is all about no boundaries and no limitation! Allow all the strangers who came today and yesterday, to stay. Submerge your spirit into a lake of Hendrix, Floyd, Queen, Zeppelin, Blur, Placebo, Public Enemy, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Chemical Brothers, Beastie Boys, The Beatles and oh so much more. 
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Sophie McCulloch
The Long DivisionThe Long Division presents a series of musical explorations into the depths of the internet. Experimental, left-field sounds and sub-sub-sub-sub-genres.Joe Goddard

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