Visions of Nar
Earshift Music
4.5 stars
Reviewed by Barry O’Sullivan

CD Review - Daughter of the Seas

This debut album, a result of the ABC Jazz Fresh Start Commission, is a unique combination of the musical personalities and sounds of its participants Zela Margossian (piano), Jeremy Rose (saxophones and clarinet), Hilary Geddes (guitar), Bobby Singh (tabla), and on selected tracks Adam Yilmaz (djembe, frame drum and daf). Throughout, composers Rose and Margossian weave cultural Armenian influences and rhythmic energy into music bathed in contemplative expression, inhabiting a space where the instrumentalists contribute beautifully to the whole, contrasting the ancient and the modern. The tracks, Daughter of the Seas and Dance of Nar stand out as perfect examples around which everything else revolves and gravitates musically, both compositionally and performance-wise, speaking in hybrid idioms made of folk and jazz elements. These are glorious achievements. Heaven and Earth brings the legend of Armenian deity Vahagn to life, enhanced with the deep resonance of Rose’s bass clarinet and Margossian’s piano riff, grounding the piece from its celestial dimension with the help of the remaining members of the rhythm section. Visions of Nar’s new album has moments of transcendent beauty, showcasing remarkable interplay, shimmering with crystalline prose and profound intimacy, offering listeners a truly memorable sonic journey. It comes highly recommended!