Dave Mac

Dave Mac comes from a very musical family. His father appeared in an RAF barber shop quartet on one the very first TV transmissions in the UK. His mother sang in Gilbert and Sullivan productions and played the piano.

He was born in Scotland after the war, although his father’s family was from Victoria. Thanks to the RAF he grew up in England, Abyssinia and Cyprus. He moved to the heat and humidity of Fiji for health reasons and eventually decided to visit Australia. He never looked back; he has now been here for over 50 years. 

Dave studied science at Melbourne University but was a great fan of the jazz scene in his misspent youth. Health moved him to Sydney where he sang with the massed choirs of the Sydney Philharmonia and frequented low dives that had good jazz bands.  After several degrees and professional qualifications in various branches of science and applied science, and spending a lifetime of working in technical jobs, he has finally managed to focus on jazz, again!