2MBS Fine Music Sydney was the first stereo radio broadcaster in Australia to explore the high quality of FM transmissions for our high quality musical content.
We are trialling a Hi-Quality streaming service, and invite you to have a listen to our Live Broadcast. Please select the HiQ Live Broadcast player below, and not that [Listen Live] function at the bottom of the screen.

2MBS Fine Music Sydney – HiQ Live Broadcast

2MBS Fine Music Sydney – HiQ Live Broadcast

Background: Over the more 45years since we launched our FM stereo radio, technologies have changed, with the introduction of digital radio through DAB+, and more recently wide adoption of digital streaming services over the internet. The mantle piece radio of the 70s and the pocket transistor radio have been replaced by bookshelf-sized digital systems and mobile phones and tablets.

Currently, we broadcast on ’terrestial radio’ 102.5FM and FineMusic on DAB+.
We also broadcast from our webpage, where you can stream the same program content as transmitted on radio. And yes, there are a plethora of other streaming services you can use to listen to our live broadcasts.

We also offer a listen anytime service, allowing our listeners to chose when to listen to our programs. This service is variously known as Radio On Demand, Stream OnDemand or Listen Back.

Many of these streamed services do not offer the same high quality that we expect to be able to hear the nuances of our fine music. This webpage is a trial page to offer a higher quality streaming service. Technically, it is the 128bit/sec bandwidth using the AAC+ digital encoding.

We hope you will try out this service, and let us know if you are enjoying it.
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Thank you for continuing your support for 2MBS Fine Music Sydney.