International Women’s Day (8 March) is a day for joining voices around the world and shout out message for equal rights: “Women’s rights are human rights!”

The day recognises and celebrates all women, in all their diversities, embracing the facets and intersections of faith, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, or disability. The day goes back to 1908, when women took to the streets of New York to protest appaling working conditions, fairer pay and voting rights.

It’s a time to celebrate the achievements of women, whether social, political, economic or cultural.

In this month’s Fine Music Magazine, Iris Zeng looks at International Women’s Day in The Female Cresendo.

Why is International Women’s Day important?
~ 47,000 women and girls were killed by their male partners in 2020
~ 47 countries still have no repercussions for husbands who rape their wife
~ 2.7 billion women are legally restricted from job choice
~ 13.3% is the size of Australia’s gender pay gap
~ 45 countries do not have specific laws against domestic violence
~ 30% of women globally have experienced sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.
Source: International Women’s Day