Late night Sundays and Mondays are special times of the week. From 10:00pm this week, Jazz After Hours brings you Eddie Bernasconi, and Ramsay McInnes. Catch the crew with jazz to engage, relax and refresh.

Sunday’s Eddie Bernasconi will feature chord-free and piano-less trios (what, no piano or guitar!). He’ll be climaxing with Sonny Rollins Trio of the 50s and 60s. (Sunday 5th March)

Monday’s Ramsay McInnes celebrates an Autumn Boogaloo party. Autumn Leaves, Autumn in New York, Autumn in Rome. But no Autumn in Sydney as no one seems to have written that one yet. Listen out for Lou Donaldson and The Filthy Six. Catch UK’s The Lydian Collective, as well as a bit of Jacqui Dankworth and Diana Krall. (Monday 6th March)

Listen to A Jazz Hour live at Friday 12pm or on demand.