Each Friday at noon, Barry O’Sullivan invites a studio guest onto Friday’s A Jazz Hour, this week welcoming Australian saxophonist, Jason Bruer.

Bruer took up the sax at 18 and studied for the Jazz Diploma in Adelaide. The mid-80s saw him playing with TV bands, including Ray Martin and Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday. And by the late 80s, he was in London, playing with Eric Clapton, Sting and Van Morrison. Returning to Australia, forming Hammerhead, he has played jazz festivals in Wangaratta, Thredbo, Manly, as well as The Sydney Con International Jazz Festival.

Listen in when Barry discusses Jason’s jazz influences and current projects.

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You can also catch Jason Bruer as guest programmer on Monday night’s Jazz After Hours at 10:00pm, with Ramsay McInnes.