Each Friday, Barry O’Sullivan invites a studio guest onto Friday’s A Jazz Hour at noon. This week’s guest is vocalist Jo Fabro, who has a new release Don’t Make A Liar Out Of Me, and is performing on Friday evening as part of the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival.

Graduating from the UNSW jazz campus, her rich and soulful voice has rained down on audiences in venues & festivals across the country for over a decade, building a core of dedicated followers. Her tall stature is eclipsed by her her powerful voice with a stunning capacity for sensitivity and lightness; raw emotion to a haunting siren. She currently lectures at the Con jazz campus.

Listen in as Barry takes her through her decade of singing, and into her emergence with this latest album as a songwriter of strength. So much more than contemporary soul or blues, she embodies storytelling in an album of life, love and relationships, told with honesty and realism in skilful fusion of groovy funk, R&B and soul.

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