Jazz on Wednesdays brings you the magic of world jazz.  At noon and 7pm, featuring Thierry Maillard, Stephane Belmondo & Sylvain Luc and their recent album Birka. Jazz Sketches at noon with Robert Vale and Planet Jazz at 7pm with Xavier Bichon.

Thierry Maillard is a musician and composer without limits or borders; he is not afraid of radical musical changes of course. He navigates the grandiose game between Big Band, Symphony orchestra, classical ensemble, trio, quartet, or solo piano. He is joined by guitar and trumpet, with Stephane Belmondo & Sylvain Luc.

The album Birka was released in November 2021.  The name comes from the city Birka, one of the first cities created in Sweden, named after a Viking warrior, who inspired the sound textures, timbres and colours of this album. The musical interaction between these three astounding musicians is a great lesson in jazz, mutual listening and understanding, where everyone constantly bounces back to the proposals of one or the other.