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Hasse, J. Attilio Regolo. Opera in three acts. Libretto by Pietro Metastasio. First performed Dresden, 1750.
HAMILCAR: Randall Wong, ct
ATTILIA: Martina Borst, mezz
LICINIUS: Michael Volle, bar
MANLIUS: Markus Schäfer, ten
BARCE: Carmen Fuggiss, sop
PUBLIUS: Sibylla Rubens, sop
Capella Sagittariana/Frieder Bernius.

SYNOPSIS: The Roman General, Marcus Attilius Regulus, captured by the Carthaginians, has been sent back to Rome with the Carthaginian ambassador Hamilcar to arrange peace. If unsuccessful, he will be killed on his return to Carthage. His daughter Attilia urges her husband, the Tribune Licinius, and the Consul Manlius to arrange Regulus’ freedom. Hamilcar is betrothed to Barce, who is held captive in Rome, but she is also loved by Publius, Regulus’ son and himself a Roman leader. Regulus appears before the Senate and disobeys his captors’ orders by urging Rome to reject Carthage’s peace plan. He remains aloof from his former Senate colleagues and his family. Barce pleads with Attilia to ask the Senators to reject Regulus’ advice.
Regulus defends his position to his son and daughter, as well as Manlius (a former rival, now a friend) and Licinius. Learning that the Senate has voted as he recommended, he asks Publius to look after Attilia. Publius in turn frees Barce to return to Carthage with Hamilcar. They resolve to try to save Regulus from his fate.
Regulus asks Manlius to act as a father towards Attilia and Publius, and to work with Publius in countering a popular uprising aimed at securing Regulus’ freedom. Grateful for Barce’s release, Hamilcar proposes an escape plan. Attilia and Publius argue that Regulus is not bound by his undertaking to return to Carthage. Regulus rejects both approaches, attempts to calm the people by appealing to the importance of duty and keeping one’s word and departs with his captors.

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