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14th June: Aftermath of war – presented by Angela Cockburn

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. The golden cockerel. Opera in three acts. Libretto by Vladimir Betsky after Alexander Pushkin’s poem, The tale of the golden cockerel. First performed Moscow, 1909.

The astrologer introduces the story and invites the audience to solve the puzzle. King Dodon’s kingdom is threatened by enemies. The astrologer gives the king a golden cockerel which crows in case of danger. The king promises the astrologer any reward he chooses. The astrologer says he will claim it later. The king’s dream of a beautiful woman is interrupted by the crowing of the cockerel and he goes to war. Dodon’s sons are killed in battle and he finds the beautiful woman of his dreams, the Queen of Shemakha, who accepts his offer of marriage. On the king’s return with his queen, the astrologer claims his reward: the queen. The king refuses and kills the astrologer. The cockerel kills the king by pecking him on the head. The bird and the queen disappear. The astrologer announces that only the cockerel and the queen were real: the king, his sons and entourage were figments of his imagination.

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