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With Jules Laurent, Anne-Louise Luccarini, Camille Mercep, James Nightingale, Peter Poole and Paul Roper

A tradition of 40 years and more, At the Opera brings you favourite and lesser-known operas, in full.

Our next AT THE OPERA will be presented by Camille Mercep on 3 July. At the Opera is followed by Music of the Night, a program featuring modern classical music for late night listening. It is a treat for the adventurous ear.

Wagner, R. Tannhäuser. Opera in three acts. Libretto by the composer. First performed Dresden, 1845.

The minstrel, Tannhäuser, has spent a year in the Venusberg, loved by the goddess of beauty. Sated, he seeks to return to earthly life and calls on the Virgin Mary. He wakes near the castle of the Wartburg, meeting Landgrave Hermann and his knights. His friend, Wolfram, reminds him that Hermann’s niece, Elisabeth, loves his singing. A song contest is to take place with Elisabeth’s hand as the prize.

Wolfram sings of ideal love; Tannhäuser sings a hymn to Venus. This shocks all, but Elisabeth protects him and he heads to Rome to obtain absolution. Wolfram realises that Elisabeth is dying. Tannhäuser returns, denied forgiveness by the Pope until his papal staff flowers. Tannhäuser, distraught, sees the funeral of Elisabeth. Pilgrims return with a flowering staff and Tannhäuser, saved from damnation, dies beside Elisabeth.

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