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6th December – presented by James Nightingale

Galuppi, B. Il caffè di campagna. Opera in three acts. Libretto by Pietro Chiari. First performed Venice, 1761..

At a countryside café, the return of a servant made good, Fumeo, now calling himself Count Fumana, causes havoc amongst the villagers. Before the morning is out, Count Fumana has agreed to marry no less than three of the eligible women of the village. As his faithless promises are found out, the women conspire to embarrass him. After the Count is ambushed by the villagers, Dorina and Lisetta pretend to be doctors and trick him into agreeing to marry another (imaginary) woman as payment for their services. After being insulted by the Count, they reveal themselves to his acute embarrassment. Order is returned when Lisetta’s father, Caligo, the owner of the café, proposes that she should marry the dancer, Bellagamba. Dorina, however, who was formerly betrothed to Cicala, will now only be happy with Fumana. Bellagamba’s dancing partner, Scafetta, accepts a proposal from the owner of the café.

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