From Sunday 2 July, Sundays will sound different. Still excellent presenting, excellent curation, excellent music. 

After some six or seven years, Musica Sacra is coming to an end, with much of its focus being picked up through our other programming.

Intimate Voices will be moving to Sunday mornings at 9am, bringing the magic of a small group of musicians playing together, the most personal and welcoming of artistic expression. 

The Piano Sonata moves into the early afternoon at 2pm, continuing the wealth of this genre. A window into one of the cornerstones of classical music. Always an adventure; always virtuosic.

New: Explorations will be heard at 6pm. This will bring you a range of superbly focused classical programs, including two monthly series: The Mannheim Rocket, and the works of individual composers, and a discourse on the Strauss dynasty. Explore on Sundays.

New: Jazz Interaction will complete the week’s 7pm jazz. It will focus on new jazz releases, progressing to some innovative programming with a live social media presence.

Sunday Night Concert will move back to early evening at 8pm, with the best in orchestral music. Varied programs featuring the world’s best music, for a relaxing end to the weekend.

New Horizons will also move back 30 minutes to 9:30pm, continuing its focus on classical music of the last 40 years: modern; challenging; and intriguing.  

Jazz After Hours – Portraits will replace the two-hour Jazz After Hours, starting instead at 11pm. Portraits will continue the Sunday theme of focusing on specific musicians, instruments or years