It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Maureen Meers, one of our longest serving presenters. For more than a quarter of a century Maureen graced 2MBS Fine Music Sydney with her almost daily presence. Indeed, so dedicated was she that it was rumoured that she kept a sleeping bag under her desk. That, of course, was a joke, but her dedication was whole-hearted.

She served as a director of the company, using her accountancy knowledge to fill the role of treasurer superbly. She served on numerous committees and was across every facet of the radio station. Her own carefully-crafted programmes were always a joy, and when she wasn’t on air herself, she could be found helping other presenters with any problems.

For many years she gave up her leisure time to train newcomers to the station, she willingly lent a hand to the library staff, and when a number of the presenters complained about the chairs in the studios, she volunteered to go and source new ones.

Maureen was like the Rock of Gibraltar, always there and guarding us with her quiet presence. She will be sorely missed.