Pamela Newling talks with Programmer Madilina Tresca

Madilina Tresca

A love of music is usually what drives volunteers to become involved with 2MBS Fine Music Sydney. Madilina Tresca is no exception, although she says it was pure chance that she stumbled across 2MBS-FM. Curiosity led her to make the call to volunteer, which she has been doing since 2003.

As a child born in Sydney of Italian migrants,
Madilina learned at a very young age the magic that exists in music. She says: “When my parents played their albums and sang songs from the Italian region of Abruzzo something magical always happened. They beamed! They were at their happiest when they sang those songs from the depth of their soul. Two favourites – Reginella Campagnola and Zi’ Nicola.”

Asked about the process of programming,
Madilina explains that her choice of music is
dependent on the type of program. For example, for regular offerings such as Diversions in Fine Music, Concert Hall, or Baroque and Before, the programmer must adhere to the guidelines set out by the Programming Committee. This includes
taking into consideration the time of day or night the program will be presented. Some pieces of music just don’t work when aired at particular times. She says: “When I discover a piece of music that is ‘magical’ but not appropriate for a current program I happen to be working on, I place it aside for a future occasion.”

Madilina’s favourite projects are for thematic
classical programs. She says: “I have free rein to use the pieces of music of my choice. The time and day of broadcasting is left up to others to decide. Um … let’s not mention the timing/length of a program – every programmer’s nightmare!”

Franz Liszt and Elena Kats-Chernin rate as
Madilina’s favourite composers.

As for memorable performances, Madilina recalls John Bell’s production of Puccini’s Tosca at the Sydney Opera House in 2013. She says: “Korean born Yonghoon Lee as Cavaradossi and Greek soprano Alexia Voulgaridou as Floria Tosca were exquisitely mesmerising. I had goosebump moments throughout the performance.”

Outside Fine Music Sydney, Madilina finds time to work out three times a week with a personal trainer and is looking forward to doing the 28km Sydney 7 Bridges Walk again this year. She also does the Spit to Manly Walk on Sundays as often as she can. Like so many others, she says: “Interstate travel seems to be a figment of my imagination these days during the pandemic lockdown.” Bonuses for her involvement with the station are: “The people. The support. The camaraderie … and the new coffee machine!”

She adds: “And of course, performances from Richard Tognetti with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. I never want their concerts to end.”