The Sydney String Centre and the creation of the Award

The Sydney String Centre partnered with Sydney Eisteddfod to create this award to lend a suitable instrument for two years as well as any other appropriate equipment to aid musical practice. 

Douglas Glanville is Managing Director of the Sydney String Centre. “Our family-owned business in Chatswood NSW makes and sells violins, violas, cellos, and basses. That’s what we do. Why we do it is so much more important. We believe that everyone should have access to music education because the benefits of learning music go far beyond the ability to simply play an instrument. We believe that well-supported grass-roots music programs can have a profound impact on our society at all levels.”

Image via Sydney Eisteddfod /WinkiPop Media

Samuel, which violin did you choose?

It was my first time choosing an instrument. 

I looked for differences in projection, tone, and sound and how easily I could shift up and down the neck. In the end I chose the Hagen Weise 120 ¾ violin. It has a rich and complex sound, my fingers felt very relaxed when shifting, and the projection was still quite good. It has an oiled neck (not varnished) which has made shifting

a whole lot easier. It’s really made a difference to my playing to have a significantly better instrument and bow – I’m amazed by how much!

Where do you practice?

Mainly in my bedroom but also in the kitchen so I can play my pieces to my parents.

Apart from violin, what are your interests?

I enjoy sport especially running and soccer.

Favourite artist/s? 

They change depending on the piece of music: Joshua Bell, David Oistrakh, Vengerov and Ann-Sophie Mutter. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Latvian violinist Baiba Skride in concert.