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OdChris O’Dea O’Dear It’s O’Dea 4gJul 2024
ParNicki Parrott Feeling Groovy 4gJul 2024
SaHamed Sadeghi Empty Voices 4fJun 2024
ZoZodiac The Wild Wild East 4fJun 2024
PeVanessa Perica Orchestra The Eye is the First Circle 4eMay 2024
ArGregg Arthur The Great American Songbook 4dApr 2024
SiAlex Siegers From Here 4cMar 2024
IrJane Irving Don’t Quit Now 4bFeb 2024
NmMike Nock Hearing 4bFeb 2024
ChCharlie Chech Checkmate 3lDec 2023
ViVisions of Nar Daughter of the Seas 3kNov 2023
WiBen Winkelman Heartbeat 3kNov 2023
WdSimone Waddell The Art of Collaboration 3jOct 2023
BuBungarribee Hunger 3ieSep 2023
DiDiversions Jazz Orchestra Shadows and Light 3iSep 2023
BruJason Bruer & Hammerhead I Didn’t Get to Where I Am Today 3hAug 2023
KiLucy Kiely Un’estate Italiana 3hAug 2023
BkBlack Tulip Trio Light Dance 3gJul 2023
BarSteve Barry In the Waves 3fJun 2023
BatNat Bartsch Hope Renewed 3fJun 2023
BkBlack Money (John McAll) Pass the Rainbow 3eMay 2023
CoChris Cody The Outsider 3dApr 2023
BruTim Bruer Love Letters: Compositions for Solo Piano 3cMar 2023
CaCaribé Distant Waters 3bFeb 2023
BlAaron Blakey Obihiro 3aJan 2023
MiHarry Mitchell Archetypes 3aJan 2023
HmLachlan Hamilton, Harry Sutherland Jahl Heshi 2lDec 2022
PoPolymorphic Orkestra 25:03:22 2lDec 2022
CoTyler Cooney Modern Ideal 2kNov 2022
NeRebekka Neville Fools Rush In 2kNov 2022
PasEmma Pask Dream of Life 2jOct 2022
ScShattered Circuits Hike 2iSep 2022
RoFlorian Ross WDR Big Band Front and Center 2hAug 2022
PalGretchen Parlato Flor 2gJul 2022
WeKate Wadey Forever Like This 2gJul 2022
MCFergus McCready Trio Forest Field 2fJun 2022
PwGeoff Power’s Great Gatsby Orchestra Shake That Thing 2fJun 2022
EdClaire Edwards Rhythms of Change 2eMay 2022
FrMace Francis Plus 11 Isolation Emancipation 2dApr 2022
GoCasey Golden Smaller Worlds 2dApr 2022
SaJeremy Sawkins Somnambience 2cMar 2022
BlArt Blakey & the Jazz Messengers First Flight to Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings 2bFeb 2022
DayAndra Day The United States vs Billie Holiday 2bFeb 2022
PayNicholas Payton Smoke Sessions 2bFeb 2022
ArGregg Arthur The Ballad Collection 2aJan 2022
BoTom Botting Quintet Vagabond 2aJan 2022
WiBen Wilcock The River Tethys 2aJan 2022
BraJustine Bradley Waterline 1lDec 2021
KaMiloŝ Karadaglić The Moon &amp the Forest 1lDec 2021
MCBarney McAll An Extra Celestial Christmas 1lDec 2021
DiAndrew Dickeson’s Blue Rhythm Band Swingin’ the Blues 1kNov 2021
EJThe EJT Gastronomy Astrology 1kNov 2021
HyNick Haywood Trio with Petra Hayden Back to the Garden 1kNov 2021
EdBrendan Eder Ensemble Edward Blankman / Cape Cod Cottage 1jOct 2021
YgThe Yugoslav Attack Illusions 1jOct 2021
deRaul De Souza Generations Band Plenitude 1iSep 2021
KiSam Killick Walkie Talkie 1iSep 2021
34343 Brass Band Leave Your Mark 1hAug 2021
ShGemma Sherry Music To Dream To 1hAug 2021
CaCalvaire, Franceschini, Hays & LeFleming Whole Lotta Love: the Music of Led Zeppelin 1gJul 2021
IshAde Ishs Red Door 1gJul 2021
SwAmanda Suwondo Revisit 1gJul 2021
EiEishan Ensemble Project Masnavi 1fJun 2021
OFArturo O’Farrill Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra Four Questions 1eMay 2021
SusDaniel Susnjar’s Mini Big Band The Recipe 1eMay 2021
TiKeith Tippett The Monk Watches the Eagle 1eMay 2021
DoJames Donald Jazzified 1dApr 2021
PkThe Pocket Trio All At Once 1dApr 2021
ShGemma Sherry Let’s Get Serious 1cMar 2021
DavMiles Davis The Birth of the Cool 1bFeb 2021
YlYulugi Chasing Stars to the Mother Tree 1aJan 2021
CuPaul Cutlan String Project Living 0lDec 2020
ElElysian Fields Fika 0lDec 2020
StState of Chaos Time’s End 0kNov 2020
IsMark Isaacs Forgotten Fields 0jOct 2020
TaJoseph Tawadros Live at the Sydney Opera House 0iSep 2020
GaFreya Garbett Septet Maya 0hAug 2020
CrCrossroads Quintet Intertwined 0gJul 2020
NoKatie Noonan The Sweetest Taboo 0fJun 2020
CoChris Cody Astrolabe 0eMay 2020
MaFrances Madden Beautiful World 0eMay 2020
HrJohn Harkins Quartet The Life of Riley 0dApr 2020
JaKeith Jarrett The Köln Concert 0dApr 2020
KaHetty Kate Under Paris Skies 0dApr 2020
ViSimon Vincent’s The Occasional Trio Live in Berlin 0cMar 2020
TuTunetown There From Here 0bFeb 2020
SuSurefire Sweat Surefire Sweat 0aJan 2020

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