Our Jazz Crew provide 16 individually curated, programs each week which focus on Jazz from its roots in the early 1900’s, right up to yesterday. Specialist presenters guide you through the world of FineJazz. 

Weekly programs entertain and inform on everything from Classic jazz, Traditional jazz, Swing, Big Band, Contemporary, Bebop and Cool, Emerging and more.  Australian Jazz is featured amongst jazz from around the world. Interviews with studio guests. FineJazz of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Have a look at the diversity of FineJazz. These links will take you to each program’s Listen Anytime page. Happy listening.

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Swing Sessions

Monday at noon. John Buchanan brings you bands of the 1930’s swing era and the dance bands of the 1920’s taken from radio broadcasts, transcriptions and recording sessions

Jazz About Town

Monday at 7pm. Welcome to Jazz About Town with Deborah Evans, the FineJazz audio guide to jazz musicians playing in Sydney.

Jazz After Hours

Monday at 10pm. Late night jazz, to listen and engage, and relax.

Jazz Rhythm

Tuesday at noon. Jeannie McInnes brings you the wide gamut of jazz, all based around a theme. From 1920s New Orleans, right through to contemporary Australian performers – always diverse and varied.

The Jazz Beat

Tuesday at 7pm. Lloyd Capps brings you the cool sounds of small jazz groups, mainly from the US West Coast in the 50s, mingled with later releases from the jazz world, including Australia.

Jazz Sketches

Wednesday at noon. Jazz Sketches is brought to you by Robert Vale, and focuses on contemporary jazz, often gathered from emerging cultures and Australian sources. Part of Jazz-On-Wednesdays.

Planet Jazz

Wednesday at 7pm. A musical journey with Xavier Bichon, to different parts of the world where jazz meets other musical traditions, from Africa to Europe, with a slice of Australia. Part of Jazz-On-Wednesdays.

Jazz After Noon

Thursday at noon. Jazz After Noon with Sue Jowell, will bring you jazz for a lazy afternoon, from jazz roots to today, from swing to mainstream jazz, with a good touch of nostalgia and regular appearances from the Great American Songbook.

The New Jazz Standard

Thursday at 7pm. A fresh perspective of modern music that contributes to the standard jazz repertoire. Frank Presley presents fine jazz interpretations from the world of pop, rock and film, and contemporary jazz.

A Jazz Hour

Fridays at noon, Barry O’Sullivan hosts a studio guest, a local or visiting jazz musician. Together, they play a selection of the guest’s music, influences and favourites, as well as talk about the guest’s career and life.
Including Jazz-In-Conversation.

Friday Jazz Session

Friday at 7pm. Friday Jazz Session with Alex Siegers focuses on the current international jazz scene, mixed with a range of local jazz stars, featuring an album-of-the-week.Jazz favourites and standards from the early 20th century through to new releases from Australia and abroad.

Urban Jazz Lounge

Saturdays at noon. Leita Hutchings presents new, hip, fun and traditional jazz – tons of cool jazz, all presented in a chilled and laid back, lounge style.

Emergent Jazz

Saturday at 7pm. Keith Pettigrew presents Australian jazz of the recent 2020s, featuring tracks from Sydney’s young emerging musicians, and the pre-eminent jazz programs at the Uni of NSW and The Con, as well as new Australian and international jazz releases.

Classic Jazz

Sunday at noon. Classic jazz from its early days and more recent jazz in the same tradition, including revivals, regional offshoots and recent recordings, such as Dixieland, Trad and New Orleans street music. Presented by Dave Mac.

Jazz Interaction

Sunday at 7:00pm. New jazz & new releases, with social media interaction. Check our Facebook page for jazz requests and jazz questions. Listen in with Maddy, Isobel and Eddie, as they each bring their magic to the music.

Jazz Portraits

Sunday at 11:00pm. Portraits of a musician, an instrument, a venue, a composer, or an event. Late night jazz, to listen and engage, and relax.

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