Our Jazz Crew provide 15 individually curated, programs each week which focus on Jazz from its roots in the early 1900’s, right up to yesterday. Specialist presenters guide you through the world of Jazz. 

  Weekly programs entertain and inform on everything from Classic jazz, Traditional jazz, Swing, Big Band, Contemporary, Bebop and Cool, Emerging and more.  Australian Jazz is featured amongst Jazz from around the world. Interviews with studio guests. FineJazz of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Have a look at the diversity of FineJazz.
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Swing Sessions

Jazz Pulse

Jazz After Hours

Jazz Rhythm

Jazz About Town

The Jazz Beat

Jazz Sketches

Planet Jazz

Jazz After Noon

The New Jazz Standard

A Jazz Hour

Including Jazz-In-Conversation

Friday Jazz Session

Urban Jazz Lounge

Emergent Jazz

Classic Jazz

Jazz After Hours

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